Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Creating with Flowers~Day Ninteen

After yesterday's quiet white arrangement, white was combined with red and yellow today for a bit of a pop.  Here white gives the eye a break from the brilliance of the other colors.

This super simple arrangement was made from a six pack of empty Coke bottles.

The back row of bottles has a Polar Bear White Zinnia, a red Zinnia, White Seashell Cosmo and yellow Zinnia.  The front row has another White Seashell Cosmo, Yellow Button Box Zinnia, White Lisianthus, Tansy, Polar Bear White Zinnia, a red Zinnia and another White Seashell Cosmo.

The little bit of greenery that you can see in the picture above is the foliage from the Tansy plant.

This arrangement was easy to photograph and looked nice no matter where I set it down.

It's final resting spot was in the laundry room where the six pack of bottles normally sit empty on the shelf.  I've enjoyed the challenge of finding new "vases" for my arrangements and placing flowers in places I've never thought to put them before.

This 30 Bouquets in 30 Days project has certainly made me feel  "pampered".  Flowers in every room.  (I like incomplete sentences, they are a true reflection of how I am.  Incomplete to the end.)
Have A Coke today....it's the real thing!
Grannie M

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