Friday, September 4, 2015

Creating with Flowers~Day Twenty Three---Chickens!

Chickens are one of my "things".  I borrowed this container from beside my stove and filled it with yellow road ditch sunflowers,  large and small red zinnias, yellow and red marigolds, and the blooms of garlic chives.

It was easy finding places to photograph.  My old computer has Picture It Publisher on it and I remembered it had many more options.  I had forgotten it was so slow.  I also forgot that I needed to straighten the pictures before I started.  Hence on several of these photos, the borders are not straight or are partially chopped off.!  LOL!!!  Also gone from my memory was the need to save as jpeg rather than PNG. 

And off we go on our travels around the yard..... 

A new discovery...the chicken house double door...a great place to stop.

A redneck chicken house school....

A different look to the first photo....

Did I mention it was windy that day?

The wind did not want to pause for more than a second.

This hen's done clucking for the day. Believe in your Power and Explore and Embrace your day!

grannie m

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