Thursday, September 3, 2015

Creating with Flowers~Day Twenty-two

An early morning bouquet was made to take to my husband's mother.  It needed to be quick (it was already time to go) and had to be able to travel in a small space.  She also has poor vision and the arrangement needed to be fragrant.  I checked for roses, but they are temporarily on vacation.

The arrangement ended up being the standby kind.  Zinnias which are abundant.  Cosmos which bloom their hearts out.  Add to those a bit of monarda and a bit of white salvia.

The wind was abundant this morning too which made photo ops quick too. 

For fragrance I added sweet basil, oregano in bloom and some sprigs of lavender. 

Nothing spectacular, but fun to photo play with.  The picture above and below show slightly different effects on the borders.  

As I edit I scroll through the colors and watch the effects.  The thrill of play!

A couple garden kids I made for hubbies Mom greet people on her front porch.

The bouquet rested on it's destination's front porch for a photo op before making it to their final resting place at the kitchen table.  They also got moved into a vase that they could spread out in.  Aaahhh, they were happier!

Hope they brightened her go enjoy yours!

grannie m

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