Friday, September 11, 2015

Creating with Flowers~Day Thirty~ Hostas and Apple Blossom Geranium Blooms

The last four bouquets for this series were all actually done in a day which meant I could choose the order I presented them.  Thinking that the final day for this series should have an awesome arrangement I debated between yesterday's and today's.  Today's arrangement didn't photograph nearly as beautiful as I think it is in the "real" world.

In Fresh Flower Arranging  by Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks a similar arrangement was done with hostas, viburnum flowers, spear grass and fresh poppy seed heads in a graceful glass urn.   The inside of their vase contained the split leaves of a philodendron pressed to the sides with cellophane.
The only one of these things I had was the hosta leaves.  I didn't even have the cellophane!

My every day run of the mill vase is filled with hosta leaves.  (In hindsight I would have made sure I used the ones with the same two color green as the bouquet and left some empty spaces to add interest as well.)  Then I stuffed in some Press N Seal.  Apple Blossom Geraniums flower heads were wrapped in each hosta leaf and then added.

PInky Winky hydrangea was used as filler and Blackberry Lily seed heads were used to add to the texture. 

To all of this bunches of reed grass were added  here and there.

 From before I started to shoot the photos until almost the end I resisted adding the final flowers....they weren't part of  what I thought represented the formula for their mix. 

But I knew something was missing.

In the end, I added them and knew I had been right. It wasn't the shape or texture but a pop of lime that was needed to bring out all of the other elements.  People always tell me to believe in that gut feeling.

 Once I decided upon a final resting space, I was "forced" to create a bit more and added the same flowers to my watering can with the addition of some Center Glow Ninebark foliage. 

The above picture comes the closest to showing the depth of this  particular bouquet.

And that's all folks, the final arrangement for this series in its' final resting spot.  I love the contradictions of the rustic and the grace.

Now, rest for the wicked.


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