Monday, September 7, 2015

Creating with Flowers~Day Twenty-Six

This arrangement started with a half wooden watering can.  It probably originally had dried flowers in it and is made from cheap wood and materials.  It must have been picked up at a thrift store or garage sale.  First I tried to use a sandwich bag to hold water.  No luck!

The bluish purple blooming plant behind the arrangement is Blue Myth Caryopteris

Then I remember seeing water bottles used in other arrangements.  That worked well.  It was a little too big around, but the plastic of a water bottle is flexible and was easily cut down to the right height. the flowers are hard to identify in the above picture, but I was amazed at how pretty the clouds were.  I was so focused on the flowers, I missed the beauty of the sky.
The flowers used in the arrangement are orange zinnias, tassel flowers, purple perennial verbena, Amish Cockscomb celosia, and foxtail.  The tall purple blooming stalk at the back is Monarda Citriodora also known as Lemon Bergamot. 
I chose smaller  blooms for this arrangement to match the scale of the container.
The Sweet Autumn Clematic is blooming so profusely.  So far I haven't found an arrangement that is strong enough to "show" in front of  the vine.

The container was meant to hang on a wall and in the process of trying to locate a spot I came upon this spot on the side of the garage.  This same spot has been in numerous photos.

And, there it stayed.  One more bouquet is done.
See you tomorrow!

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