Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Creating with Flowers~Day Twenty

Here is another old color scheme of yellow, blue, and white.  I guess one could say it has all the colors of the sky.  It has the blue sky, the yellow sun, and the white clouds. 

Since, blue is also a favorite color, this arrangement was also suited for a variety of photo ops. 

The blue flowers are Black Night Delphiniums and Blue Angel Salvia.  The yellow blooms are Grannie's Bouquet Yellow Zinnia and Button Box Yellow Zinnia and a few Tansy Blooms

The small white flowers are White Zahara zinnias and the larger white blooms are Polar Bear Zinnias and White Marigolds.  There are also a couple  white Cleome in the arrangement.  The greenery is tansy leaves and the delicate ferny tops of asparagus (the kind you eat).

The arrangement sat for a while on my front porch and then....

it sat in the entry way replacing an older bouquet.  It's final destinations was at my hair stylist's who just returned to work after being a stay at home Mom for eight years.

Yellow brings sunshine where ever it goes.

grannie m

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