Thursday, September 10, 2015

Creating with Flowers-~Day Twenty-Nine ~Limes and Celosia

Seriously,  I need to borrow someone's little girl.  These girly things are so fun to put together and the grandboys would so not appreciate them!

What's more fun than a Teddy Bear's Picnic?  And yet another song lingering in my head.

Fresh Flower Arranging by Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks was the inspirations again today.  This arrangement was super easy and, other than the vases, they provided the step by step for this arrangement.

Their arrangement was made with a cube inside a cube.  The cube shape did show off the limes better, but I have no cubes, so round had to do.

The limes are sliced and put between the two containers.  No water is added to the larger jar.  If there is a lot of space between the two containers they recommend scrunching cellophane to fit between the two.  Mine was tighter so I had to make sure I sliced the lime into thinner slices.

The inner vase is added and filled with water and then its just a matter or adding the celosia. 

The celosia shown here are from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company and are (light green) White Amish Cockscomb and  (magenta) Amish Cockscomb.  Next year....I've got to find the true lime and some of the other colors.

Now it may "look" like I'm serving margaritas to this little guy, but it's really lemonade with lime slices in wine glasses dipped in salt.  It was super hot while I was taking the pictures and I started sipping at this point.  It's really the salt that "makes" a margarita. 

This was so simple and satisfying that I'm sure I'll repeat the bouquet again.   For now I'm watching to see how long the limes stay presentable and am wondering if the celosia will dry as is.

Don't you just want to come and  play with me?

grannie m

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wayne cathy towle said...

Love all of these Karen, you are very, very creative! :)