Monday, August 24, 2015

Creating with Flowers... Day Thirteen

I had this white ceramic statue that was found at a thrift store. Shortly after it was bought I realized that it was faulty and nothing would sir on the crooked top.  I knew that if foam was used it would not  matter that it was crooked.


After putting the arrangement together I got a couple of photos of the arrangement.  Then a gust of wind came up and that was the end of the little cherub.

Luckily though the foam kept the arrangement intact and I just plopped it into another vase that allowed for the same effect.  This time I quickly took one outdoor shot and then too the arrangement indoors.

This  is my favorite photo of the bunch.
The arrangement started with perennial sweet peas and Walker's Low Nepeta both trailing . Pinca Zinnia and purple coneflowers were added for the larger upright flowers.  The final touches were sprigs of a Dappled Willow and the blooms of Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate.

The arrangement looks graceful on the glass shelves in the bathroom.  These shelves sit on a cabinet built from recycled lumber from a hog shed. 

The final two photos are the arrangement sitting on a cake stand on the ledge of the tub surround in front of the window.  Some days I spend more time "playing" with the photos than actually making the arrangements.

Another pink day!

grannie m

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