Thursday, August 20, 2015

Creating with Flowers.....Day Nine

I keep a small collection of aluminum coffee and teapots above the cupboards in the kitchen.  If I bring a new one in an old one has to go.  Occasionally I will get one down and use it.  Today's bouquet made it's way into this tea pot  and is accompanied with a tea cup from my Aunt Gen.

The featured roses are Easy Elegance  'Music Box' which bloom profusely from late spring into late fall.  They are ever changing blooms changing from yellow to yellow tipped in pink and finishing out in pink.

To the roses I added the blooms of the native "Rattlesnake Master".  These are the silvery green prickly ball shapes you can see.  I also added hydrangea blooms.  These all came from the one and only bloom I had to work with of this kind and it was necessary to throw out the rule of only using fresh unblemished blooms.

I finally added real tea to the teacup.  After all it was time for tea when the photo shoot was over.

The second half of the fun of creating the bouquets is coming  up with the photos and then playing with them.  I've been using Picasa 3 which is a free program.  This effect is called pencil sketch.

The bouquet came to it's final resting spot.  The Music Box roses have a strong rose scent and keep for several days in the vase.  The fine embroidery and crocheted edges are the work of my mother-in-law.  Her work amazes me and graces our home.

Please remember to take time to SMELL THE ROSES!

grannie m

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