Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Creating with Flowers....Day Fifteen

Floating flowers was the easy peasy choice of the day along with a quilt gifted to me by my garden buddy. 
  Floating in the water today are nasturtiums 'Aloha Mix' from Renee Garden Seeds ,  yellow zinnias, feverfew, a few orange tassel flowers,  and reddish/purple scabiosa.

Picasa 3 is the free software program I use when I "play" with the photos.  I can never quite find the exact color I am trying to get.  Keep at it and I might.

I didn't realize nasturtiums had such a strong spicy scent until the first time I used them in a bouquet and brought them in the house.

The colors  in the above photo were enhanced and those below are the original colors straight from the camera with a bit of vignette on the corners.

The stove below was in the dining room of my childhood home.  It's missing many of its' parts, but I have fond memories of taking a bath in an old metal tub next to it.  The radio also stood next to the stove.  That was back in the day when radios were about 3 ft high and 2 ft  wide and we didn't have  television.  I can still smell the fuel oil and remember watching the flames in the tiny windows. 

Every bouquet has to have a final resting place and this one ended up on the table in the entry way.

Good to BE!
grannie m

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