Friday, August 14, 2015

Creating with Flowers...Day Three

While weeding the front flower bed, it was necessary to eliminate some plants in order for some rather small and spindly bushes to get some sun.  This led to needing make a bouquet and finding a place for it and what better place than right at the front door to greet me each time I enter. 

A mason jar filled with flowers seemed like the perfect thing to hang on the outside of the house near the entry.  There is still something needed here.    I'm thinking I will add an old rusty shovel or two and a hoe.  Something tall and narrow that will stand up to the left of the chicken and jar of flowers.

A Ball jar with twine tied around the rim several times and  filled with pink zinnias, envy zinnia, white zinnia, verbena bonariensis, love lies bleeding, Amish cockscomb, purple nicotiana,  water, and a tablespoon of sugar. 

Makes me smile and remember to take time to enjoy the little things!
grannie m

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