Friday, August 21, 2015

Creating with Flowers...Day Ten

Blue is my color.   What's not to like about blue?  Many of my favorite things are blue.  The sky, blue jeans, blueberries.  Well maybe there aren't that many "things" that are really blue.  Maybe that's why I like it.  But I do have blue cupboards, blue walls, blue bedding, blue rugs.  I guess you get the picture.  Well I love blue in flowers too.

This bouquet started with the greenery on the bottom, the leaves of golden alyssum with is a perennial.  Golden alyssum has long silvery green leaves that grow on branches that trail from the main  plant.  It blooms in early spring in bright yellow clusters about the same time as some of the daffodils.

The other foliage that has been added is sage, dusty miller, and lavender.

The blue flowers which really show up purple in this picture are Blue Globe Thistle (no pricklies and a flower NOT a weed), blue ageratum, and Blue Angel Salvia

It's home on the dining room table.

The white flowers were added last and include white zinnia, white marigolds and the tiny white ones are a small native aster.  Some day I will take the time and look up their specific name.  They grow on a short delicate branching plant and seem to survive between Prairie Dropseed. They hide in the garden.  Some day I will check and see if they would do better in a more open space.

It's a good thing that blue makes me happy.  Otherwise, I'd have the blues all the time.

grannie m

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