Monday, August 17, 2015

Creating with Flowers...Day Six

Today's bouquet traveled hither and yon and then came back inside.  It was a fun way to spend the time waiting for the sun to set.  Here goes....

Sitting on my favorite rock

Resting at the old sink at the side of the garage.

On the table in Paradise a spot behind the greenhouse.

Waiting for the sun to set in front of the border by the clothesline.
This bouquet has pink lisianthus, a red or purple basil, white zinnia, white marigold. Culver's root,  white salvia,  painted fern, and some  heuchera leaves (maybe mint chip?).  The vase is triangle shape tinted lightly pink with butterflies etched on it. 
Dreaming up tomorrow's bouquet!

grannie m

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