Sunday, August 16, 2015

Creating with Flowers....Day Five

A friend loaned me a book to read which inspired today's bouquet.  It is a quirky mystery in which one of the main characters runs a shop which sells a variety of herbal products and has a cottage that she rents out as a bed and breakfast.  It always amazes me the details that an author will add to their stories.  The bedroom of the cottage had lavender scented sheets and several branches of rosemary, a stalk of lavender, and trailing oregano stems in a crystal vase filled with water.

Stems of rosemary, lavender, and oregano along with some blue angel salvia since the lavender blooms are still few and far between.
I tried a kind of crystal looking dish first, but with no floral foam, I could not keep the oregano stems in.  I opted for my tried and true white cup that is so easy to use and make small arrangements in.  Then I finished reading Susan Wittig Albert's book Holly Blues.    The smell was divine and since I didn't have lavender scented sheets I just kept a sprig of lavender beside me while I read.

Wishing I could capture the ravenous smell to send with this picture.

grannie m

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