Saturday, August 22, 2015

Creating with Flowers....Day Eleven

Twenty minutes was all I had to throw this bouquet together and take a few photos.   Work has been keeping me busy.  I was able to do the photo edits later.  I'm sure if I was a professional florist that twenty minutes would be way too slow.

I had this little red wagon with pens sitting near my computer and that began the inspiration for this quick and perky arrangement.

The arrangement started with floral foam in the wagon and a test to see if the wagon would really hold water.  Yep!  Good start.

Normally the next step is to add the greenery around the base of the arrangement.  I wish I had, but I hadn't and it was harder to add later.  In this case though I walked all over the yard looking for something with the right shape, size, and color.  This low growing sedum (cultivar name escapes me) worked nicely though to cover and hide the foam and fill in the bases.

The red in the arrangement are Meteor zinnias from Baker Creek Rare Seed Company and Redcap Zinnias from Seed Savers Exchange.

 The yellow flowers are 'Granny's' Bouquet Zinnia from Renee's Seeds, heliopsis 'Tuscan Sun', 'Henry Eilers' rudbeckia, a few native yellow coneflower,  and  tickseed coreopsis.

The grass heads in the back of the arrangement are Northern Prairie Dropseed  from Prairie Moon Seeds
This arrangement went to work where I was filling in at a house with very dedicated staff.  They deserve a bright spot in their day.   The thing is though the song, "Jumping up and down in my little red wagon" keeps playing in my mind.

Wishing you sunshine in your day,

grannie m

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